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Buoyancy Cut ‘n Paste Vocab

I borrowed the idea of using “cut ‘n paste” vocabulary from my fellow science teacher, Marcia. Students cut out the definitions and match them to the correct vocabulary word. For my cut ‘n paste activity, I like to add a simple graphic to help explain each definition. This helps with visual learners. What I like about this activity is that the students can manipulate the definitions and do a dry run of where they think the definitions should go. If they realize that something is not in the right place, they can easily change its position. Once they are sure the definitions are all matched correctly, they can glue them into place.

Left Side:

When I introduce Buoyancy, we have already been talking about Density for a few days and completed a variety of activities. I show the Bill Nye Video Clip on Buoyancy (part 1) and we discuss it afterwards. Parts 2 & 3 have a few things that I would like to show once I figure out how to edit them and take out the parts that I don’t want or need.

After Bill Nye, I show the BrainPOP movie for Buoyancy. I made up a handout for the students to work on after they watch the video clip. To complete the notes, they work with a partner after we have watched the movie the first time. When they are done, I show the movie again and they fill in anything that they missed. Afterwards, we go over the answers as a class. I find this works much better than having them complete the sheet while they are watching the clip the first time. The students become so focused on what they are writing, that they end up missing a lot, and its hard for them to focus on both writing and watching.

Right Side:

As a review, the students complete the cut ‘n paste vocabulary for buoyancy. They can use the notes we took in class and work with a partner.